Wednesday, September 21, 2022--I write a lot about my chickens, my perceptions, imaginings, and sensations, both in my hand-written journal and on-line.  My purpose is to communicate to the outer world and to myself, better to externalize the ever-shifting panorama of my inner reality.

Today is almost over, at 11 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, in the US of A, and soon "today" will be a different day.  Just establishing the time of day takes time, and focus.  That's why there are so many methods for orienting oneself in a dimension outside physical space.

The weather constitutes its own dimension, although climate is not given the status of dimensionality in common parlance.  Yet with a temperature range of 30 degrees Fahrenheit today, weather begs for inclusion in our beliefs about reality on this Earth plane.

Curtains open.  Curtains closed.  Doors open or closed.  Windows open on one side of the house and closed on the other.  These are the adaptations required to maximize comfort this fall so far in Savannah.  

We are broaching fall, as the calendar reports it.  The calendar itself has changed over time and over cultures.  The measurement of time is the bailiwick of politics and cultural beliefs. Time is as fluid as the weather, hard to pin down mathematically or predict with certainty.

According to the Greenwich, England standard of measuring time, which begins tomorrow in fifteen minutes, in my time zone, but not for another hour a little west of here, the Earth's spin on its axis takes a mathematically convenient 24 hours.  Trouble is, the earth's rotation takes 25 hours, thus we have "leap years" every four years, and compensate by giving February a 29th day, to account for the fact that the earth's rotation actually requires 25 hours, so a solar year is actually about 365 1/4 days.

Natural cycles are perverse that way.  They refuse to conform to human mathematics.  The moon, almost a quarter the size of the earth, is just as unyielding.  Its 28-day cycle doesn't allow mathematics to control its motion, so we have fabricated calendars and clocks according to mathematical parameters, striving to create precision in the wobbly dimensions of time and space.

And now, it is 12:13 AM, EDT on  September 22, 2022, according to the latest version of the Western hemisphere, planet Earth's calendar.

Good night.


10 thoughts on “Today

    1. katharineotto Post author

      Discernment is a good word. We have to attune to our own, individual, truths, which also change, over “time” and with experience. Adaptability to changing circumstances is key to growth and evolvement.

    1. katharineotto Post author

      Kenneth T.,
      We live in a confusing world, with infinite, often seemingly mutually exclusive choices all day. By the clock, there is only a quantified amount of “time” in a “day”. I believe it’s important to maximize quality of time, because we can’t change the quantity, under our conventional systems of measurement.

      Opportunities for appreciating “quality” abound, as in the conscious use of our physical senses to immerse our whole beings in the Now.

  1. tubularsock

    KO, keep in mind that the ONLY “time” there is is present moment. All the rest is mental illusion.

    So Tubularsock has thrown the calender and time piece away and thus is NEVER “late”!

    Cheers ……….

    1. katharineotto Post author

      Yes, yes, yes! “Be here now” is the essence of all spiritual doctrines. This is so hard to do, to be aware of all the stimuli coming at us all the time, but it’s also hard to avoid clinging to any of it.


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