Tuesday, November 15, 2022, 8:35 AM EST, USA. It's cloudy and about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, here on the salt marsh of coastal Georgia. Thunderstorms are predicted later today, so I'm outside now with Tweety and Speckles, my two remaining chickens, before we all have to take cover from sudden climate change.

For those who don't recognize it, the photo above is the US Capitol building, where the PowersThatBe deliberate what they believe is important for the political entity some people claim is the US government.

But it just looks like confusion to me, a mingled mass of varying motives, agendas, egos, opinions, and personalities who seem to believe they can wield power over each other and the world, but to what purpose?

As I sit outside here, with cold fingers, I hear the noise from the auto body shop northwards, a spot-zoned addition to the neighborhood in recent years.  Tweety seems oblivious.  She is standing at my feet, preening, as is Speckles, a few feet away.

Do my chickens, or any animals, concern themselves with the squabbles of the PowersThatBe in Washington DC?  Should I?

Some people think human politics is relevant, but I wonder if the threat of nations provoking other nations into war should concern me.  At 70 years old, I have seen and done plenty, but I have not seen or done war, except in small and petty ways, when other entities' fights affect my equilibrium.

And the machine noise continues, and the sun starts shining through the clouds, and Tweety appears beside me on this concrete bench, flies down, and is greeted with a flirtatious coo from Speckles, before she runs back and starts pecking at my sock.

And I now hear a military helicopter overhead, reminding me that this political entity, otherwise known as the US of A, is constantly preparing for the current or the next war against enemies of its choosing, in order to please those groups and individuals who derive gratification from spreading pain and suffering among those whom they've identified as adversaries--and anything else that gets in their way.

Have a nice day, anyway.

4 thoughts on “Confusion

  1. navasolanature

    Interesting view point with your chickens on the salt marshes of Georgia. Unfortunately I do think we have to concern ourselves with how and who operates governance. And the concerns can lead to confusion and helplessness. I do not think our governments truly work for the people.

  2. tubularsock

    KO, sure sounds like a healthy pastime with your chickens and cats to Tubularsock.

    And sitting on a bench and watching the sun is a great pastime.

    The number of innocent people our country has killed over our lifetimes tells anyone that an advantage to this would is to push for our own annihilation. It’s called “payback”!

    But alas, the name of the game on this plane of existence is constant turmoil so Tubularsock figures Hell is a step UP!

    Here’s to you and your cats and chickens! At least you are with “people” that care.

    1. katharineotto Post author

      Except that those few set policy that trickles down to all of us. I don’t blame you for escaping to the “Global South”. It’s nice receiving a perspective from “down under.” It shows how the US’ influence pervades the whole world.


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