Dr. Kathorkian Spotlights JP Morgan


by Dr. Kathorkian,

an alter ego of katharineotto.wordpress.com

bkschermorgan1990The Cosmic Improv Group

brings JP Morgan to

Dr. Kathorkian’s Spotlight Therapy*

Chapter Three:  Cosmic Improv Group Series


Friday, January 18, 2008 – I assumed a mountain of debt going to medical school and into private practice, then the bottom drops out of my stock equity, and I’m stuck with the debt.  That’s how they do it.  It was a direct economic hit on my financial freedom, engineered by a stockbroker and banker I thought worked for me.  My wrath over the betrayal was like a nuclear reactor in meltdown mode, so the Cosmic Improv Group, that gaggle of personalities inside my imagination and unheard by others, decides to hose me down before I get too hot.

Always eager for good entertainment, the CIG invites JP Morgan to a Spotlight Therapy session, so I can tell him off.   I’ve done my homework.  I’ve read The Creature from Jekyll Island, The Robber Barons, None Dare Call it Conspiracy, Democracy in America, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, the US Constitution, and other tomes of epic wisdom.  I am armed.

My inter-dimensional travels through print media have revealed how JP Morgan and his international banker friends, like Paul Warbucks . . . er . . . Paul Warburg, engineered the federal income tax and the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 to enslave American taxpayers in unrepayable debt.  Congress gave itself the power to obligate present and future taxpayers to the Federal Reserve System for perpetual interest payments, on debt assumed by Congress. Not only are taxpayers expected to pay interest until the sun burns out on money that’s worth nothing, but Congress uses the fake money to lay waste to the nation’s natural resources and neighborhoods, and to create conflict around the world.  It funds its enormous bureaucracy and the pension and benefits plans for all those government employees.  It funds Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security with money stolen in payroll taxes.  These electronic dollars are invested on Wall Street.  Congress also pays the Department of Offense to make life miserable at home and abroad.  Congress further believes it has the right to obligate taxpayers to pay an army of no-bid federal government contractors. Congress sets its own salary, pensions, benefits and other assorted goodies, by obligating unborn taxpayers until the time the country officially declares bankruptcy.

As all this fiat money floods the financial system, the increased money supply causes inflation and higher prices on goods and services, especially indispensable commodities like food and energy.  Those who can least afford it are hardest hit.

So back in 1913, the conspirators used freshman United States President Woodrow Wilson, whom they’d been grooming for years, to do their dirty work.  Ole Woody thought he was the second coming of Christ, so the bankers and other manipulators, like Winston Churchill, played to his ego and got him to go against every campaign promise he made.

This eventually led America into World War I, which was the long-term goal of the bankers.  The Brits owed the bankers a lot of money, and the bankers needed that money to lend to Germany.  So they figured to bleed America, too, to increase profits.  Thus did they conjure up the aforementioned double whammy on American taxpayers, to cover their foreign ass-ets.

Now in the CIG, when JP Morgan starts bragging about how they pulled this off,  I light into him.

“You asshole,” I fume.  “You deserve to have your gold chains tight around your neck.  No wonder you were such a lonely, bitter man, whom everyone was glad to see dead.  You left a legacy alright, dying the year you achieved the income tax and the Federal Reserve Act.  Didn’t even have the balls to go to the 1910 secret planning meeting at Jekyll Island yourself.  That’s how sleazy you were.

“I wouldn’t trade a good knitting needle for the likes of you and all your fawning pawns.  In fact, I would use a knitting needle on you real quick like, and not to make a sweater.  I would go for the balls, just to see if you have any.”

JP sits there grinning, as though he appreciates my standing up to him.  He thinks I’m cute.

He says if I had been at the Jekyll Island meeting, he would have gone.

He achieved his dream, and then he died.  His dream didn’t make him happy.  This is the lesson de Tocqueville anticipated.

If I had been at that meeting, we would have had a different history, I’m sure, because those boys needed to know who really runs things in this country, and it ain’t them.

JP is impressed that I cashed in my IRA.  I’m sending shock waves through the system, with my political statement.  No wonder the Wachovia’s investment advisor was so anxious to get rid of me.

Yeah, right, JP.  Can you do anything useful?  You’re not making much progress on that knitting.

He grins and tries to cast on a stitch, but doesn’t know how.  His hands are clumsy.  I show him how to cast on, but it takes several minutes, because he is not gifted in New Age String Theory and knitting dynamics.

In knitting, every stitch is dependent on every other stitch.  When you make everything and everyone dependent on you, you are the most hog tied of all.

“No preacher told me I would have to knit in hell,” says JP Morgan.  “If they had, I would have owned knitting, because this is a fast growing market with a captive population.”

“For some people, knitting represents a form of heaven, and no one can own that,” I say.  “All it takes is the right attitude and tools.”


*Inspired by The Robber Barons, Matthew Josephson, 1934, 1962

7 thoughts on “Dr. Kathorkian Spotlights JP Morgan

      1. Rosaliene Bacchus

        No, I don’t knit. To deal with the daily stresses of life, I begin my day with 30 minutes of meditation, followed by spiritual reading. I read poetry and even try my hand at poetic expression. As a storyteller by profession (my third career), I indulge in redeeming the suffering heroes of our world and punishing the villains 🙂

      2. katharineotto Post author


        My next post is for you. By the way, my response to Putin is “How can we all play nice so we won’t shoot ourselves and each other in the foot?

        How’s about an International Rooster Advocacy Group, to demonstrate the benefits (and low health risks) of primal screaming? Get these world leaders in a room with no weapons but words, judged by a flock of roosters. The roosters can ask about things like factory chicken farming.

        My e-letter, The Poop, about to be launched, will report news of The Funny Farm, when I get around to it. It’s a comic relief way to approach world events. Intended to defuse volatile situations. The CIG series is just the beginning. I’m practicing cartooning skills, to add yet another dimension.

        Thanks for following my blog. If taxpayers think like shareholders in this USA Corporation–with individual, unique voices–we would think twice about exporting hate on a global scale. Free market capitalists like me believe it is unprofitable to fight with trading partners. Nobody wins.

        How’s about all worldwide taxpayers refuse to pay for it, by renouncing government debt?” Knowing what I know about central banking, it might be fun to rattle their cages a little.

        Even if we don’t do it, they will sit up and take notice, because it is an election year, and Trump and Hillary are getting old.

        KO! Economic Hit Woman
        an alter ego of katharineotto.wordpress.com

      3. katharineotto Post author

        PS. I wouldn’t recommend knitting for you. Too intellectual, and you are already tilted that way. I would recommend getting a lively pet and dancing in the living room. Pets are the best gurus there are, and dancing is the best exercise. Tell everybody.

  1. navasolanature

    This has such insight and I guess it is not just the American taxpayers who have been saddled with debt and this crazy economic system which is making folk in Europe suffer with austerity measures. I can’t see Trump or Brexit as an answer though and there are not enough people listening to Corbyn or Sanders. I try and write stories and go for nature walks but that has its frustrations with the degradation of the natural world. I do meditate every day and my blood pressure is normal! Even though I think this stuff might make it go high with anger and frustration!

    1. katharineotto Post author

      Animals are saner than people. Your nature works keep your spirit alive. If only more people appreciated that . . .
      Kaka Big Chicken
      an alter ego of katharineotto.wordpress.com


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