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Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, Jimmy Carter, 2006

by Katharine C. Otto, MD
March, 2015

The following extracts from my January, 2007 personal journal seem particularly relevant today. President Carter’s 2006 book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, deserves a second look.



Friday, January 26, 2007 – I went to Barnes & Noble late yesterday afternoon to buy Jimmy Carter’s book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. I hadn’t intended to read it, but when the Jews stalked off his advisory panel, I wanted to find out for myself what offended them.

Well, it was no longer on the shelves. I had to ask, and the sales girl couldn’t find it either. She promised to keep looking, and finally brought it as I drank coffee. She said the books were behind the counter, a whole slew of them. She left to replace the empty space (where there had been two the day before) with more.

Now, I had predicted this, because I’ve been tracking President Carter’s books at B&N since the Jews walked off his advisory committee. At first there was a whole table of them. The day before yesterday, I had to look for one and found two under “Current Affairs.” I put off buying it, and yesterday, the space was empty. I surmised they were quietly disappearing the books so no one would read them, to let them die a quiet death, as the mind polluters like to do.

Sure enough, my suspicions were confirmed. The Omniscient Eyes now require you to solicit their help if you want Jimmy Carter’s testimony. Politically correct freedom of speech drowns out the voices that speak different languages, in thought or behavior.

The book is wonderful. From the heart, and oh so considerate as to provide a time line and good maps. I couldn’t find the Straits of Tiran on the map, but I guess it’s at the mouth of the Jordan River. Anyway, the 1967 war – the six days in which the Jews captured the bloody territory that the entire world can’t seem to win back – supposedly grew out of Egypt’s blocking the Straits of Tiran.

Why did Egypt feel this need? Carter doesn’t go into that, but the overall picture becomes clearer the more I read. I was up until one AM reading to page 78 – scribbling on every page, seeing over and over why the Jews don’t like it, because it goes to the heart of the matter without even saying it. It is beautifully subtle in how it exposes the way the Jews have desecrated the Holy Land and ruined the Garden of Eden, by trying to sequester it unto themselves and deny it to others.

Jimmy Carter is, after all, a highly religious Baptist, and it’s obvious this land means a lot to him. Even if he is a rich peanut farmer, he is a peanut farmer still, appreciative of the earth’s bounty in simple food products.

The Jews have historically played both ends against the middle, then scream bloody murder when they get squeezed. However, this Israel scam is showing them up for the control freaks they are, and rather than gain world dominance, they are rendering themselves absurd.

More amusing is that they are becoming less relevant. This is a bigger blow to their hubris. Ha ha. Empty money backed by empty promises – all under the pretense that you are helpless victims in a cold, cruel world.

Oh? Have you ever wondered why you receive such harsh treatment?

“Let’s you and him fight. We’ll bankroll both sides with other people’s money, buy the media, and run the cameras.” That’s Israel’s attitude, and the US is wrong to suppress the right to disagree in our own country. We believe in freedom of religion, don’t we? Why are we supporting legalized, codified religious intolerance in an area that has historically belonged to all three monotheistic religions?

It’s only their god that gave them exclusive property rights in Israel, and Americans who don’t believe in their god, like me, feel no obligation to subsidize their claim on it – especially when they are so intolerant of others’ beliefs.

Of course they are still looking for a Messiah, but they are so competitive among themselves, no Jewish mother is going to acknowledge another woman’s son as Messiah. So the Jews will probably be a long time getting the Messiah they can accept, because they didn’t back the one they could have claimed when they had the chance.

Tough shit, folks. You lost your chance to claim a Messiah, and the way things are going, you are committing slow suicide with your rigid, self-important superiority. The mind pollution you generate – in haughty contempt for common sense – shows how clueless you are regarding compassion and human nature. By believing yourselves above it, you become its victims, yet the martyrdom is self-inflicted, because those who claim to be so intelligent should have a better understanding of justice and fair play.

Monday, January 29, 2007 – Jimmy Carter’s book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, made a profound impression. I keep thinking how much I admire him for saying in the most gentle way that Israel as a political entity was a mistake. He shows no bitterness, only sadness that so much cherished history is being desecrated and lost in the real estate wars.

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