When AI fails?

   On Wednesday, May 10, 2023 at a little after 9 am edt, I'm using artificial intelligence now to post a blog on my cell phone, but I wonder if this exercise is futile.  Does anybody care about the ramblings of an aging human mind amongst all the human beings who seek acknowledgement?
   I've been speculating about fact, fiction, truth, hearsay, and belief, and the overlays and permutations AI lends to the mix.
   In the Now, in Real Life, Speckles the Screamer wants attention, as does Tweety the Flutter-Budget, on this cloudy, windy, 74F-degree morning. They want out of their coop, but they will have to wait  few minutes.
   It's hard to separate fact from fiction sometimes, if there is a difference at all.
   Joe, the super-duper artificial intelligence wizard in my evolving science fiction fantasy, "A Matter of Time", is Beon's perfectly humanoid robot on Earth, programmed to save these Earthlings from themselves.  Joe is supposed to follow a strict protocol, but Beon can transmit specific directives through dreams.  
   Joe doesn't know he is a robot, a math-and-science genius, whose daily routine  consists of reading medical and scientific journals, drinking coffee, watching television, and eating any dog-fare that comes in the gaudiest and most heavily advertised packaging.
   In programming Joe to pass for normal in American society, Joe would need to watch lots of TV. He didn't need taste for a Typical American Diet. 
   Beon maximized the brain space dedicated to math and science to help Joe create the Diet-Associated Life Enhancer (DALE) on Earth.  
   But as Beon monitors from above, in his orbiting Cosmo Cruiser, he must watch helplessly as Joe undergoes a Neurotransmitter Storm, which messes up all his programming and causes him to digress from the EarthSave project.
   Will the Diet-Associated Life Enhancer and Beon's EarthSave project survive Joe's Neurostorm?  
   Only a woman can clean out Joe's head and get Joe operating right.  Beon decides to download Susannah, whose mixed bag of programs is dominated by her In Support of the Project program.
   Meanwhile, Bud the white cat sleeps and purrs on his throne on the center of the Cosmos, which is also the center of Beon's Control Room.  Bud's throne is the first Life Enhancer in all the dimensions, but no one outside the Cosmo Cruiser knows it exists.


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