What Makes You Laugh?

   Friday, April 28, 2023, at 9 am, edt, I'm contemplating a blog I just read on rielpolitik.com about Kat Timpf's book, "You Can't Joke About That".
   It led me to wonder about humor's ability to relieve tension and to uplift mood and attitude.
   A sense of humor, or irony, in others attracts my respect, admiration, and curiosity, sometimes friendship, but the ability to laugh is an internal gift.  The antics of animals, or children, can inspire laughter in the observer who sees comedy in the unexpected but harmless actions of the actor.
   The desire to amuse others runs deep within me, yet it only shows in casual encounters, in off-hand comments delivered on the fly.  A smile is my reward for having brightened a stranger's day.

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