Cycles and Solipsism

   On Tuesday, April 25, at about 9 am edt, I begin attempting to contain the last ten years within the confines of my solipsistic vision of time.
   I've read my journal notes for April, 2013, which reveal what most concerned me ten years ago.  The underlying philosophy has remained consistent, though circumstances have changed.
   I remain unabashedly individualistic, despite external pressures to adopt or pretend to adopt prevailing social beliefs, for or against this or that group or individual.
   I continue to follow the timing of the planetary cycles, and of the symbolic relationship of the earth to its cosmic environment.  In astrological terms, the earth is entering the 2500-year period designated as the Age of Aquarius, as the North pole of the spinning earth wobbles backwards to point in the direction of that constellation.
   For an individual like me, solipsistic in the sense that I can't know experience outside myself, I read the signs to compare the cycles of astrology with the period of my life between 2013 and 2023.
   Robert Kennedy, Jr. has announced his presidential bid.  Tucker Carlson has left Fox News.  The date April 19 is significant in US history, for a number of reasons,  but this year it marked two events that turned the tables on established institutions which have grown too rigid to withstand easily the winds of change.
   The "shot heard round the world" that started the American Revolution was fired on April 19.
   RFK, Jr. and Tucker Carlson are both individuals who have long track records of seeking truth within frameworks that could not accept their divergence from the official script.  
   In mythology and astrology, Saturn and Uranus are joined by Saturn's fear of retribution for having castrated his father, Uranus, and throwing the testicles into the sea.  In astrology, Saturn and Uranus are forced to co-exist as co-rulers of Aquarius.  The implication is that the structure imposed by immortal Saturn is continuously unsettled by the chaotic unpredictability of his immortal father.
   The human family can co-exist peacefully, as both Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Tucker Carlson are showing in the Now.

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