The Disease of Solipsism

   On Wednesday, April 19, 2023, at 10 a.m., EDT, I begin to orient this blog in the direction of self awareness in the Now.
   Thus do I set my compass in time, because I believe all experience begins where we are now.
   The new moon occurs late tonight or early tomorrow, depending on your perspective from your Earth position.
   The philosophy of solipsism contends that the individual cannot really know anything outside him/herself.  
   In my perpetually evolving novel, Beon, the protagonist and his own worst enemy, has contracted the disease of Solipsism, and learns through bitter and painful experience that his attempts to control beyond himself backfire on him.
   My personal efforts to control similarly backfire, so I'm learning that this physical existence requires continuous adaptability just to get through the moments as they arise.  
  In Cosmic timing, the new moon tonight signals an alignment, a conjunction, of the sun and moon in the last degree of Aries, according to some standardized calculations of time and space. Beon the Solipsist lives outside earthly requirements of time and space, but finds himself trapped within its chaos, as he attempts to save these earthlings from themselves.

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