Beon, Bud, and the Rev

Wednesday, April 19, 2023-
   For Beon,a prisoner in this 4-D universe, solipsism is a disease of loneliness.
   For Bud, the blue-eyed white cat, solipsism is an art form.
   For the Rev, a 20-pound white rooster, solipsism is a religion.
   Bud generates vitality through his purr, which tunes the cosmos to his specifications.
   The Rev uses his vitality to enliven his surroundings and to inspire those within hearing range to attend to his loud, repetitive "Cock-a-Doodle-Doo" RIGHT NOW, to save themselves from more of the same.
   Sparky, the green parakeet, appeared on the Cosmo Cruiser at an unspecified point in time and space.  Beon suspects Bud acquired the bird on one of the planetary explorations Beon made after his failed suicide attempt from his home universe of seven dimensions.  He only proved that suicide is impossible.  The attempt merely reduces dimensionality.
   Thus do we have Beon trying to convert his Biggest Mistake So Far into a Stroke of Genius.  He hopes with the EarthSave Project to save these Earthlings from themselves and to earn his ticket back to 7-D.

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