When people start making predictions, I stop reading or listening.  When people use a series of letters to designate organizations, without telling what those letters stand for, I lose interest in anything more they might have to say.

If the purpose of language is to communicate ideas, I want to understand the idea behind the words.

Lately, within the last few years, words and terms seem to have lost former clarity.  People speak of "truth" or "reality" without explaining what they mean by those terms.  Whose truth?  Whose reality?

Layers upon layers of confusion lead to mass confusion and fear.  

I'm listening to birds chirping outside my open door.  Their voices are cheerful, on this warm and brightening day.  They remind me that language is a gift for many, not only human beings, and it need not be heard or acknowledged.  It is sometimes an expression of the joy of living in the Now.

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