I Wonder

I don't have answers, but I have lots of questions, on this 18th day of January in the year 2023.
   First, I must orient myself in space and time, according to the conventions accepted by the US of A, a political entity with a relatively short history but encompassing multiple and far-ranging events.
   Obvious, you say?  Goes without saying?  Maybe it is so obvious that it begs to be highlighted, in order to show that the US of A--its human faction--dominates the mental and emotional field of the entire human world.
   This is not to brag, but to express humility for the influence US America wields, and its power to influence, if not to control, human and non-human lives around the world.
   The US president is the supposed head of this agglomeration of human beings, the symbolic voice of the USA, but it's impossible to determine how that is perceived by individuals or groups.  
   An article on rielpolitik.com claims the US is trying to provoke a war with China, Russia, and Iran, because it feels threatened about the political power suggested by an alliance between these Eastern hemisphere countries.
   Why, I wonder?  Wouldn't it be better for everyone if we could all learn to get along?  Who loses if we adopt the philosophy of "live and let live"?

5 thoughts on “I Wonder

    1. katharineotto Post author

      The human species has never even tried to get along with those they don’t understand. We don’t even try to understand, despite the religious icons who have suggested we could make more respectful use of our opposable thumbs.

  1. Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

    From my observations (being out on the far peripheries of empire …) empire and the people within it create their own reality and live by it, and they ignore all other realities, or only accept external realities when it suits them. Empire also imposes its reality on the peripheries and a lot of people out there in them accept that imposed reality, so many people out on the peripheries also live a somewhat delusional life far removed from real reality and unable to think for themselves, which is not so different from people within the core nations of empire. Eventually though, and increasingly so, reality will come knocking on doors (at least, so one would hope).

    1. katharineotto Post author

      I have yet to define “reality” in terms that work for everyone. Is there a basic “reality”? I wonder, since everyone and probably everything, perceives different aspects, even if they share a larger vision.


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