6 thoughts on “Cacophony Rules

  1. katharineotto Post author

    We call it progress, but do we know what we’re progressing towards? I use “evolvement” to highlight the idea that all events evolve out of what came before.

    1. katharineotto Post author

      I’m referring primarily to machine noise, like traffic, airplanes, power tools, and the drone of household appliances.

      The sounds of nature don’t sound like “noise” to me. They have their own variable rythmns. Even thunder has personality and power to it.

      Nature sounds are like music. Machines grate on my nerves with their demanding intrusiveness. And there are so many of them.

      Silence, stillness, peacefulness, signify harmony, but the sounds of nature convey harmony, too.

  2. katharineotto Post author

    Yes, I guess the relentlessness of the machines gets to me. I don’t know when the noise is going to end, like torture.
    At least when I run the machines, I have some control, but the older I get, the less energy and motivation I have to run the lawnmower and other power tools.


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