Rocky the Racoon, kco2020

Brownie and Speckles on the porch, kco2019

Folk art, Telluride, Colorado, kco 2003
The Squire-wire and Speckles sparring through the cove grate, kco2019
S. Squire Rooster, Attorney for the Law of the Land, making his position perfectly clear. Above it all.

Squire atop the shower stall, kco2015

11 thoughts on “Yesteryear

  1. navasolanature

    Great roosters and a morning wake up call for me here. I get my brain washed with some kind of alpha pr beta waves when I meditate! Think the news whatever channel creates a rise in cortisol levels until we are all too stressed to think ‘straight’!

    1. katharineotto Post author

      I can relate, big time. I read somewhere that the best time for meditation is 2 a.m. which would mean that all day and night, it is 2 a.m. somewhere.

      At the 2 a.m. of Southern, coastal Georgia, USA, it is finally nice and quiet enough to hear myself think without distractions of animals, machines, my own body, and the perpetual demands of “Things to Do”. Even the mosquitoes seem to be sleeping.

      I don’t have a TV and don’t want one. I’m a reluctant member of the New Age technological revolution, but even the refrigerator annoys me sometimes with its noise. I have been known to turn it off when it gets too irritating.

    1. katharineotto Post author

      Amazing creatures, as we all are. As you realize, the memories add depth to experience, but who can vouch for, or judge, another’s? We can share snippets but never convey entirely the gestalt of our individual lives.

      1. Eternal Anglo Seax (ᛋᛠᛉ)

        True. I guess I meant more for me, no bird I’ll ever raise will stack up. So much personality. Never have we seen such domesticated birds. I had one I’d trained to perch on my hand and/ or shoulder. Ever raised an Orloff? Always wanted to.

      2. katharineotto Post author

        See? You are confirming my claim of the relevance of personal experience and memories. All three of my chickens now are distinctive and very domesticated. Their capacity for understanding continues to surprise me, but that is also true for Cooney, the racoon, whom I’m training to wait his turn at the food dish.

      3. katharineotto Post author

        Oh. To answer your question . . . I don’t even know what an Orloff is, but if they have furry legs, they would not do well in this boggy environment.

  2. katharineotto Post author

    I should have known. Orloff sounds Russian, even. Post a picture if you get one. My chickens do better in the cold than I do, but this heat and humidity would be murderous on a species adapted for cooler weather.

    Also, the winters in New England or Colorado don’t seem as cold as the ones here, because of our humidity. Only problem with the mountains of Colorado was the winters lasted so long. Then there was mud and slush season, but still no mosquitoes.


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