17 thoughts on “Testing 1 2 3

      1. Mr J

        I can understand that. There’s a few circumstances where I’m required to own one of these phones and many more where it’s much more convenient.

        I rarely blog using my phone. The only times are when inspiration hits me while I’m out. It does make it more quick and convenient to take photos and upload them to WordPress.

    1. katharineotto Post author

      If I can remember my number, or numbers, or the date or time. Or passwords or how to do this thingy that has changed since my last attempt. It works for now, judging by your response. Thank you.

    1. katharineotto Post author

      Nava, What a bittersweet relief. I have too much to say but need to keep it short. The cell phone is a great editor.

      I haven’t tried taking pix with it, but it sometimes takes pix without my knowledge. Never good ones.

      1. navasolanature

        A phone pic carefully taken might work. I am running out of my WordPress data allowance even though I paid for extra. All annoying but will try a blog post on my phone tomorrow!

      2. katharineotto Post author

        Hahahaha to phone pic carefully taken. My subjects move too fast for me to catch them doing something photogenic.

        Good luck with your post.

  1. tubularsock

    KO, just look at the size of the screen and then look at the size of your lap top screen and then look at the size of your desk top screen.

    That should answer your question!

    BIG IDEAS require a big screen!

    Pretty easy solution if you ask Tubularsock.

    But sure, one could condense they BIG IDEAS into fragments and toss them to the wind and as long as your readership is down wind all may be fine.

    For Tubularsock a movie theater screen would work just fine.

    Grandiose is a state of mind! CRUSH the cell phone!


    1. katharineotto Post author

      Good to hear from you, and thanks for your suggestion. Problem is, a movie screen would be hard to carry around in my pocket. Even the cell phone requires special pockets to keep from falling out.

      I agree about big ideas. Also, I haven’t seen a post from you lately. Am I missing something?


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