“Us” vs. “Them”

The simple concerns of life are beneath the notice of the detached overlords of “the ruling class,” who look to stock market indicators to determine economic “health.”  In their marketing campaign for the “Rah Rah Money Talks” agenda, they aggressively promote money as the solution for all evils, including (presumably) rooster sinus infections.  There’s probably a patented pill for it.

Pardon my sarcasm, or is it the natural consequence of following this irrational chain of made-for-television reasoning to its obvious (but not logical) conclusions?

It’s popular lately to blame the “them”s like “oligarchs” and “white supremacists” for all society’s ills.  The “us,” meaning everybody except me—who exists in my own “them” dimension—still are willing to play by the oligarchs’ rules of government and the stock market, and look to the government to impose ever more rules to control everybody under the pretext of controlling the other “them”s like the “white supremacists.”

I wonder if the “white supremacists”–who are identified by their fondness for military assault weapons–are derived from the oligarchical, rule-bound, framework.  This human drama must contain counter-forces, to prop up the “us” vs. “them” mass mentality.

The above is a convoluted way of suggesting that the system itself makes the counter-system necessary.  It strikes me that historically, the world’s most despotic rulers had the backing of a loyal military.  The world’s richest people did not fight the wars themselves, but profited mightily from them.   Who benefits from US wars—or any war or military intervention—now?  Certainly the ravages of war are visited on those on whose turf the battles are waged, the civilians, their families and the fighters and families, too.  The spoilers may rest with their ill-gotten gains but live in fear of the “them”s who have not been eliminated or disempowered and are looking for revenge.

That’s why despots are deservedly paranoid and depend on the loyalty of a strong military and purchased friendship.  They need presumed adversaries like mass murderers and drug lords to justify their ever tighter grip on the society that will not be completely controlled by rules.

If I went into psychiatry to set people free, I have been disappointed, in the short term.  I have seen close up how frightened individuals are of the implications of freedom, which begins with freedom of thought.  To define “freedom” of thought possibly begins with saying what it is not.  It is not merely rebellion, reaction to the status quo, to conventional beliefs or rules.  It does start with conscious examination of those conventions and determining whether they serve the greater whole.

What’s the “greater whole”?  For me that includes the “us” and the “them,” as well as the hitherto unacknowledged non-human life forms on the planet.  To recognize we are all counterparts enmeshed in this drama we call life means having the mental flexibility to imagine oneself in the place of the “them”s and trying to understand what motivates their activity.  There’s obviously a place for the oligarchs and the mass shooters, or they wouldn’t exist.  If we don’t like it, we need to free our thought from conventional beliefs and search for new ways to reform.  Delegated power is fickle and must be recognized as such.  When you delegate power, you will always be disappointed.

Freedom of thought means claiming responsibility for it but also having tolerance for others’ thought, even encouraging it, because it provides a larger area of understanding and perspective.  The push for homogeneity, unity, conformity—what is considered “normal” and socially acceptable—is ultimately deadening, like the mechanization of robots, which act according to pre-set agendas.

Nature does not follow man’s dictates, as we are learning.  Rather than “conquer” nature, as Francis Bacon and subsequent mechanists desired, we have the ability—but so far not the inspiration—to submit to nature’s desire to teach us freedom within the context of our environment.



3 thoughts on ““Us” vs. “Them”

  1. Lawrence Morra

    As it becomes more perfectly clear to me; in this topsy-turvy, upside down, inside out, messed up, man-made system; is that everyone is like the proverbial cats chasing their own tails or running in a rat race which eventually goes off a cliff. Everyone that bothers to look things over and reassess what’s going on usually comes out with some additional rhetoric about what went wrong or why this just isn’t working out again! It’s not going to work out, and that should be a foregone conclusion by now to anyone with their wits about them, which is actually a tall order in itself; to find enough people that do have them intact! This false Plandemic move toward NWO totalitarian control is being sucked up and swallowed hook line and sinker by I’d say more of the world’s population than not, so that in itself should tell you something about the mental situation of the human race; that is if they had a choice right now to have no pressure or worries and they can just go chill out for the rest of their lives with no responsibilities as long as they sign up for the Devil’s final end of the road program/contract; they would leap at the chance! Look how many idiots voted for Biden a most horrible ugly human being inside and out through and through, yet where I live people thought he was the man to vote for and they somehow don’t see or they ignore all the many 48 years of historical facts about this professional politician, politically organized, crime syndicate racketeer that should have been executed long ago for all of his espionage and treason! He’s made billions using America and all of us; selling us out!

    Here is what it all comes down now and I’m sure of it; not enough people believe in God Almighty and that is the only way out of this desperate nearly hell on earth horror story! It’s really that simple, that if people would put faith in God and forget all this insanity of always trying to make a better mouse trap than the last time; the perpetual merry-go-round; they would be better off; at least in where they will end up for eternity! All the rest of this is just presupposing that mankind can be his or it’s own God and solve all problems and get this whole mess to come out fine; a fool’s errand, like shoveling water being an exercise in futility! Not going to happen in a million years; but don’t worry we have far less time than that, like maybe hardly any time left at all, the way things are going! No sugar coating here today, and I’m not the candy man!
    Lawrence Morra III

    1. katharineotto Post author

      I appreciate your long and thought-provoking response. I could probably write several essays based on the ideas you bring up. First, I want to address the question of religion, since the idea of a monotheistic god pervades the Western world with its hierarchical, paternalistic structure. While I was born into a Christian family (including Episcopalians, Methodists, and Catholics), and find much to like about Jesus’ teachings, my philosophy is more eclectic and includes concepts from Oriental philosophy, quantum physics, mythology, and astrology. Each has something to teach.

      I do believe love rules, however that’s defined, and I also believe we are all immortal, in the sense that time itself is illusion. “Good” and “evil” are a matter of perspective over time.

      Maybe humanity is stupid, as you say, or maybe it needs the present in order to grow and learn what to do and what not to do. I wonder what the NWO folks hope to achieve when they find their money and power don’t grow the food for them without human effort.

      My all-inclusive philosophy is willing to give voice to the control-freaks, but the termites swarming in my bathroom have more power over my current state of mind, as do the rats that frolic behind my washing machine.

      These have more relevance in my world than whether Joe Biden is corrupt.

      1. Lawrence Morra

        Einstein boldly said, “God doesn’t roll dice!” You have a colorful and extensive background in religiosity and perspective on meaning of life. But let’s consider straight out of the gate to put this puppy to bed! I go with what Einstein said in spades meaning its God’s plan and God makes no mistakes; nothing in creation is by chance or happenstance! So you know about Jesus Christ like any intelligent person or even many nitwits! The question becomes do you want to roll the dice, when God doesn’t, and say I’m good, I know what I know and I won’t settle, I’ll remain neutral or lukewarm about the whole matter of; is there God and what did Jesus mean when he said, “I am the way the truth and the life; no one comes unto the Father but through Me!” So we have a choice by His statements, we can look at Him as just some prophet or even madman that will be inconsequential in the sum total of “our personal” lives journey! Or maybe we better take Him dead serious so we won’t miss the boat and end up stranded in a place much worse than this messed up world we’re in right now!

        Is that a bridge too far to cross? To have faith in something you don’t know for sure is on the other side of that bridge, and can’t prove in worldly terms with some piece of physical evidence which even in those cases might be an optical delusion on our part; so do we take this insurance policy and go with it in terms of all the substantive historical context and supporting data to protect our personal journey, or toss caution to the wind and say to hell with that; I’ll go it alone without the silly insurance policy! But, hell you go and buy auto insurance and toss all that bread into the bin for the rich and greedy even if you haven’t had a fender bender in 30 or more years and maybe never! Add that cost up and now compare your life and soul to what loss you could sustain at the end of your road without that policy in hand; saying I did trust and had hope in You!

        Again a bit of Einstein here:
        “The most beautiful and most profound experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms – this knowledge, this feeling is at the centre of true religiousness.”
        -Albert Einstein – “The Merging of Spirit and Science”

        I’m all in on that deal; “impenetrable to us really exists,” and, “manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms.” This sure looks to me like what Jesus was, and doing, while to those with insight still is!

        Many people are too proud and arrogant; so they just go their own way down and down to a dead end! Just some stuff to think about! But important I say, maybe the most important of all!

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