If I Were in Charge . . .

If I were in charge of things, I would have more enemies than Donald Trump.  I would discriminate against everyone equally.  I would start with the budget and eliminate deficit spending.  Last year’s revenues would be this year’s budget limit.  This would infuriate everyone except the unborn children who are expected to pay for ballooning government debt.

Under the premise that government exists to fund itself, the next obvious bugaboo is taxes.  For people to pay taxes, they either have to be bullied or conned into thinking they will get returns on their investment.  This is why there are so many government jobs, government contractors, and government programs.  “Hire the opposition” is an ancient method of reducing competition and getting cooperation.  If you can’t hire the opposition, you can compromise the competition by making laws against them or throwing them in jail.

Of course, jail costs money, but the cost of competition is higher.  If you’re a monopoly, like the US government, you claim a monopoly over all “economic narrows,” such as the money supply, and over the laws, like drug laws, so that you can create bureaucracies to enforce the laws everywhere in the world.  This is why we have wars, which cost unborn children lots of future money.  This is why we have drug cartels, too, that create enormous competition for governments, unless they buy governments and then protect each other.  This is not only about El Chapo, who just got convicted, but about Pfizer, and all the other government-sanctioned drug cartels that trade so profitably on Wall Street.

If I were in charge, then, I would quit funding wars, bring the military home, and re-write their job descriptions to do the jobs we now hire government contractors to do.  That government competes with the private sector for skilled labor is a given.  Releasing government employees from their monopolistic responsibilities would free the government from doing both its job and that of the private sector, too.  This would save unborn taxpayers lots of future money.

If I haven’t been assassinated or impeached by this point, I would issue a currency that would compete with the Federal Reserve Note.  I would allow the new currency to be used in paying taxes.  People could still use their Federal Reserve Notes to pay income and payroll taxes, which are set up to pay the Fed perpetual interest on federal debt.  If the government is no longer borrowing money to support a deficit, the Federal Reserve would become superfluous. It could collect its Federal Reserve Notes in perpetuity and cost the US government nothing.  Since the income tax pays for stupidity, many people may opt out of paying the Fed to finance government insanity.  Not to stigmatize the mentally ill.  Not all insane people are stupid, and not all stupid people are insane, but, like lawyers, there seems to be a disproportionate percentage of both in elected positions.

I would not waste money on border walls or border security.  The way to stem illegal immigration is to give the immigrants no reason cross the border.  If there were no drug laws, there would be no drug cartels, and no need for CIA, DEA, FDA, DOJ, and the international deep state financial system of commodity drug money.  All those escapees from Guatemala and Honduras could return home safely.

If I haven’t alienated everyone by now, I would make payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare optional, both for employees and employers.  This would free up today’s money for today’s needs and asset building.  As things stand, the fiat money we have now represents government debt, so the more you have, the more federal debt you have assumed.

The government knows that the best way to control people is to borrow from them or to lend to them.  If you lend something that is valueless, backed only by the “full faith and credit of the federal government,” you are counting on promises made on behalf of those unborn taxpayers to work for future money to pay a debt on nothing.  Thus all investments, except those with practical value–like a debt-free home you live in–are investments in government debt, so “Rah, rah, America,” if you want your old-age nest egg to survive in the Ponzi financial system that depends on future money to pay for present excesses.  Anyone wonder why the US dollar has lost 97% of its value since the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913?  The “full faith and credit of the United States,” isn’t worth much anymore.

If I were in charge of things, I would acknowledge that government can barely afford to be in the government-over-the people business, much less in the war business, the agriculture business, the health care business, the social-consciousness business or the business business, so I would dismantle all the government “help” and its corresponding regulation and force people to find their own answers to their own problems, without the Nanny State to tell them what to do and how to do it.

If I were in charge, then, I would make life as easy as possible for myself by divesting myself of responsibility for making decisions for everyone else.  By then everyone would probably be an enemy, but who needs friends when you have peace?


13 thoughts on “If I Were in Charge . . .

  1. srogouski

    When it comes to war, the US government isn’t a monopoly. There’s Blackwater. There’s the Al Qaeda Jihadis we were until recently using to overthrow Assad. There are various Kurdish militias. In fact, in the Middle East the US government’s acted like more clearing house for private contractors.

    There are also several monopolies I’d like to keep in place, the government’s monopoly over currency. I really don’t want Silicon Valley running a new system of company script and company stores the way the coal mining companies used to in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Check out the film The Molly McGuires to see where that ends. And don’t even get me started on Bitcoin.

      1. katharineotto Post author

        I checked the link but am not sure how the collapse of the coal industry relates to libertarians. In any case, I haven’t found the libertarians to be much improvement over the other parties, no matter what they claim. They are all power-grabbers.

    1. katharineotto Post author

      I agree with you about crypto-currency, but I like the idea of precious-metal backed currency, in accordance with the Constitution. To have a completely ungrounded money supply leads to the fiat currency we have now. I don’t know what happened to Ron Paul’s Free Coinage Act (or whatever it was called) when he left Congress. However, if silver or even gold coins could be freely minted, then the coinage from any country could trade equitably.

  2. srogouski

    “I checked the link but am not sure how the collapse of the coal industry relates to libertarians.”

    (Coal towns were completely self-enclosed little libertarian city states with their own currencies, police forces, and retail establishments. You didn’t get paid in dollars. You got paid in company script. The federal government only showed up to break strikes.)

    1. katharineotto Post author

      I wouldn’t call a company owned town with with the company controlling the economy “libertarian.” Sounds more like an autocracy, with the company controlling everything through the money.

  3. navasolanature

    There’s more detail in this than in our current politicians leadership battle which is taking up too much prime time tv and unless we are one of the current Conservative Party members we have no say in who they choose to be our next prime minister.

  4. katharineotto Post author

    Whatever expertise I have in politics or economics comes from experience and reading mostly about US history.

    Any knowledge about the UK also comes from reading, although I over-nighted in London in 1975 on my way home from travelling on the continent.

    However, since the North American continent was once claimed by the British, and we speak a common language, I also recognize that Britain provided the working model for most of US policy and law, but for the monarchy.

    So there are many similarities, including the central bank.

    Currently, the political systems of both US and UK confuse me, and probably many others. I do think it’s interesting that both Russia and China are reverting to gold-backed currencies. I suspect this shift will affect us all.


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