Monsanto and Bayer Merged

The following is re-blogged from, a good site for updates on the chemicals and pharmaceutical industries.

June 7, 2018 GMO Fact Check Bayer’s buyout of the biotech giant will allow Monsanto to hide in the shadows. Action Alert! Bayer, the German pharmaceutical company, is wrapping up a $63 billion dollar purchase of Monsanto, and has said that it will retire Monsanto’s name. It will become impossible to know which products are […]

via Monsanto is Finally Gone…But Not in a Good Way —

9 thoughts on “Monsanto and Bayer Merged

    1. katharineotto Post author

      A pathogen under any other name is still just as deadly. Amazing how these mega-corporations keep shifting and changing, but the patented poisons never go away. I’ve noticed it particularly with the pharmaceutical companies.

      1. Rosaliene Bacchus

        And it’s difficult to keep up with these products. Today, on my way to the laundry (I live in an apartment complex), I counted six dead bees. What killed them? Did the gardener apply a weed killer? I’ll have to ask him on his next once-a-week visit.

      2. katharineotto Post author

        Yes, and please let me know his answer. I know local bee keepers want to be informed when the county sprays for mosquitoes. I guess the malathion, or whatever they use now, destroys the hives.

  1. urban liaisons

    Hi, my mobile makes translations from Polish, so please note that your link is leading to a Polish fascist site with a lot of anti-semitic and more ugly chauvinist content being simply quite disgusting. Take care.

    1. katharineotto Post author

      I realize has an extremist bias, but on issues such as the chemical/pharmaceutical industries and medically-related stories, it supports many of my beliefs and tends to be well informed. It also supports what I believe about the banking industry. I take “truth” where I find it and hope no less for others. I don’t completely agree or disagree with anyone.

      Thanks for your comment.

    2. katharineotto Post author

      By the way, I don’t read the articles written in Polish. The site does discuss how the Poles were caught between Germany and Russia during World War II, and many were Jewish and/or helped them to escape the Nazis.

      1. katharineotto Post author

        No matter how it’s played, these are touchy subjects. I try not to choose sides, because I simply don’t know the inside stories. I do know a little about the Monsanto/Bayer mergers, as well as those of Dow and Dupont. Syngenta and ChemChina. Since they control so much of the world’s seed supply, insecticides, herbicides, and pharmaceuticals, I believe they are potentially more dangerous than Nazis.

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