A Little Birdie Told Me


I rescued a bird today, a little fella that crashed into the picture window behind the bird feeders.  I saw it happen and ran outside to find him lying on his side on the deck.  He was still alive, panting.  He was identical to the bird that did the same thing yesterday, only yesterday’s bird didn’t survive the crash.  I found him later in the day, dead on the deck.

Today, though, I gathered the little bird in my hands, where he stood, apparently in shock.  He didn’t seem badly hurt.  Eyes were bright, but the left kept closing.  I checked my quickie, laminated bird identifier, then The Sibley Guide to Birds, but couldn’t identify him.  He was about five inches long, with plain greenish-brown body and a yellowish breast with brown spots.  Beak was long, like a warbler.

He sat in my hands for about 15 minutes, slowly becoming more alert, then took off and flew away.

This has happened before.  I’ve rescued other birds.  Most eventually revived, just as this one did.  Others have not been so lucky.  Today, though, I decided this hazard is too dangerous.  The window is so reflective and the feeders so popular that the juxtaposition presents a cruel trap.

So I created a bird safety net.  It consists of two panels of screen material that I made awhile back to hang from doors in warm weather, to keep insects out.  Two of three panels covering a sliding glass door got converted to a screen over the plate glass.  Hopefully it will reduce reflectivity and cushion any birds that fly into it.  It may even dilute the hot summer sun that turns the living room into an oven.

I spend most of the morning on this project, grateful for the tool room that provided the screwdriver, hooks and string necessary for this innovative bird-protective technology.

The experience made me think, once again, about how unpredictable life is.  Who could have anticipated I would have spent the morning making a safety net for birds?








3 thoughts on “A Little Birdie Told Me

  1. katharineotto Post author

    Stick-on birds sounds like an easier option. I had already tried hanging small stones inside the window. They make good wind chimes, but they did nothing to stop the tragedies. I still don’t know how my fix will hold up in windy weather, but that’s not today’s problem. Thanks for the comment.

  2. MrJohnson

    I had a bird feeder once but it ended up being a rat feeder. Your place looks like a cool place to hang out at.

    1. katharineotto Post author

      I feed a lot of squirrels. I feed the deer, too.

      My home is my sanctuary, a mini-wildlife preserve. It’s not so great in summer, though. Hot, hot, hot, and humid, too. Biting insects abound. Get exercise by doing a lot of yard work. The key in summer is to stay wet, turn hose on self or swim in the river. I need a bathing suit, though, because kayakers have discovered my nook of river.


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