Blooming Savannah


Georgia’s state flower, the Cherokee rose, apparently native to China.  It has thorns that could double as fishing hooks, in a pinch.


Wisteria, one of my favorites.  A wild vine that blooms only a few minutes in the spring, but perfumes the whole area.  Its intertwining branches can be trained to  create beautiful bases.  Because it’s deciduous, I’m experimenting with training  the branches to cover high windows, to block sun in summer and allow light in winter.




Savannah is known for its azaleas, which come in colors from white to purple, to various shades of pink.



9 thoughts on “Blooming Savannah

    1. katharineotto Post author

      Beth, Thank you. Soon I plan to post pictures of the remaining debris from October’s Hurricane Matthew. Also, the methane rising from the marsh. It’s evidence of nature in all her guises. Hope you get power back soon.

  1. Singledust

    such rich and vibrant colours! Your photos and description really warmed my heart to know you appreciate nature so much and give everything its due respect. Got here from the Six Foot Bonsai’s blog!

    1. katharineotto Post author

      Comments like yours make my day. I love how nature takes care of herself, if we allow it. While I enjoy feeding wild birds and deer, I know they would find other food if something happened to me. And thanks to Six Foot Bonsai, too, whose blog is one of my favorites.

      1. Singledust

        Thank you for your reply! Nature has been part of my growing up though I don’t document it as well as you do, its a part of me and my heritage to always preserve the world around us. I loved reading how your gentle spirit connects with the world around you. Yes the six Foot Bonsai is a much loved blog and person.

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