Bicycles and Public Domain Technology


Courtesy of Libby Belle
an alter ego of
January, 2016

Ride free as the breeze,
If you please,
Escape noise, fumes,
Death and taxes,

Proving scientist Ben Franklin wrong.

Ben didn’t believe in patents,
But Tom Edison did,
And look where it got him.

Incandescent light bulbs,
Where did they go?
Outlawed by Congress,
Awhile ago.


What does Tom think of that?
His best idea, going flat?
Mad as hell, and that’s that.
He wants revenge so tips his hat
To his mentor Ben, the diplomat.

Tom and Ben plot a course
For the power of the horse.
Abandon patents, they decide.
Make the product, then let it ride.
If folks like it, they’ll copy you,
But you’ll have the first, so
they can’t sue.

GE Corporate trembles and quakes,
“What?! No patents? These are high stakes.”

Libby Belle shakes a feather.

“A lass and a lack, we’ve changed the weather.
The sun has come out, while you were in boxes.
The sky has cleared,artfolkbiketurt0715
The grid disappeared.

Direct current from sun to you,
This is all you need to do
Tom has shared his tale of woe,
Says DC is about to show.
Let the sun be your source,

And Wall Street turns to Trojan Horse.”

Photos, top to bottom:  1.  Tybee Island Fish Camp, Tybee Island, GA.  This restaurant’s entire railing is a bike rack.  Tybee is great for biking.  2.  Bike rack at Brighter Day Natural Foods Market, Savannah, GA.  3.  The city of Savannah’s version of bicycle parking.  4.  Folk art at Gallery By the Sea, Tybee Island, GA.

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