The Game of Life

games0807Life is a game. The purpose is to have fun. Part of the fun is learning the rules, and to distinguish between Real Rules and Fake Rules. Real rules make sense, but fake rules don’t, even if the Powers That Be insist that They Are Right. If the fake rules go against your version of real rules, you feel trapped by mutually exclusive rules.

This is one of the game’s challenges. You win by learning to navigate the real rules while avoiding or destroying the fake ones. As you expose the lies, you discover there are few real rules. These promote individuality, originality, and creativity, for yourself and others, if you’re playing the game right.

This is a game everyone can win, because you don’t compete with other players. In fact, one of the real rules promotes cooperation with others, but finding common ground is another challenge in the game of life.

There are easy challenges and hard challenges. The real rules apply to both. Only you can judge how hard they are, or whether and how you meet them, and only you can determine whether you win or lose the game of life.

The fake rules may tell you that you are losing when you are winning, or winning when you’re losing. You must learn the difference between winning and losing under the real rules. Although others can guide, instruct, help, encourage, or hinder, they are playing by their rules, and they are also learning the difference between real and fake rules.

The real rules, when applied, work for everyone. The fake rules work only for a few and for a limited time.

Sometimes fake rules fool everyone into believing they are real rules, but over time their deceptive nature shows. If you can penetrate the illusions to discover and apply the real rules, you win points in the game of life.

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