Stop the Spread of GoverCorp Cancer


Stop the Spread of GoverCorp Cancer
Value = (Time + Money) X Attitude
Attitude = Everything

 A potentially fatal carcinoma of intra-cranial fat cells, GoverCorp cancer kills its victims by helping them to death. It sucks up time and money and bills you for it. No one is immune, but you can minimize risk.

 The pathophysiology of GoverCorp cancer:

* Money is a tax liability. The less you have, the less you pay in taxes.

* It can’t tax your time unless you allow it.

* GoverCorp cancer victims’ time and money have been terminally taxed. The situation is grave.

Debt + Overhead + Taxation = Slavery

 Risk avoidance strategies to combat GoverCorp cancer:

* Avoid GoverCorp-infested areas that cost time or money.

* Practice “Demand Side Economics.” Demand what you need instead of what they have. Avoid heavily advertised products entombed in plastic and packaging. You and the environment pay their overhead. If it doesn’t work right, return it. Tell everybody. Reduce demand for petroleum products, like plastics, packaging, and acrylic. Shop with sturdy, reusable bags.

* The most nutritious foods are usually the least expensive: fresh produce, dried beans, rice and other grains, dairy. Your money goes into food value rather than processing, packaging, advertising, Wall Street profits, and distribution. If you buy less, you pay less in taxes. If you earn less, you also pay less in taxes.

* Pay off debt. Interest and late fees do not give value for money. This will reduce overhead, debt and taxes.

* Invest in personal and family assets: your home, the tools of your trade, your or your children’s education. Take care of them, and they will take care of you. Enjoy what you already have.

* Patronize local business over corporations. Buy local products (lower distribution costs) when possible. Local businesses are more responsive to local markets. They must stand behind their products, or they don’t stay in business. They reinvest more earnings locally.

* If you have stock in Walmart, sell it. Walmart and other GoverCorp cancer perpetrators bleed local economies by shipping profits out of town.

* Minimize stock investments. Invest closer to home, where you have more control. This provides long-term gains and unexpected dividends. Pay cash when possible or trade in usefulness. Keep a good set of balanced books.

* Get your priorities straight. Technology isn’t essential to survival, but clean air, water and earth are. Get ahead by slowing down. Sell the TV and go fishing.

Diagnosis: GoverCorp Cancer
Treatment: Radical Liposuction and Shock Therapy
Prognosis: Uncertain


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