Good Health Costs Nothing

True account. A Harvard physician's expose on the overuse of prescription medications.

True account. A Harvard physician’s expose on the overuse of prescription medications.

The “health care industry” profits from illness and from keeping people sick and dependent.  Is this what you want?  Do you want to guarantee perpetual income to the insurance and pharmaceutical companies, whether they perform or not?

This is the result of the now-mandatory third party payer system, in which healthy people pay and and healthy lifestyles don’t.  There is growing evidence that the third-party payer system has created an artificial demand for goods and services that causes more harm than good.  Insurance costs at every level of the system raise the price for everyone.  Pharma is big on Wall Street, and it is turning out patented pills with questionable benefits at record rates.

Is there a pill for institutionalized insanity?  It’s a bitter pill, indeed.

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