Ram Dass and Mosquitoes

Notes from My Journal

Sunday, June 17, 2007 – I keep seeing a mosquito flying around but have yet to see her land. Most mysterious. If I were more evolved, I wouldn’t have mosquitoes, or I wouldn’t react to them, I suppose, so I’m not perfect yet, despite what others think I believe.

I remember Ram Dass – the 70s guru you don’t hear much about these days – writing about a mosquito landing on his nose and sucking his blood while he meditated. I was contemptuous at the time but respect him more for it now. I’ve never been able to sit still for such assaults and could never rise above my extreme emotional reaction to being a victim of the little blood suckers.

But that’s why Ram Dass is a guru, and I’m not.

It would be nice to sleep through mosquito attacks. Seth (of the series by Jane Roberts) says it’s wrong to kill, yet I inadvertently kill untold critters and creatures just by walking across grass, planting trees, driving, and going about my daily routine. Does the intent make a difference? I suspect so. I have murderous intent toward mosquitoes, assume they will attack me if I don’t get them first. Maybe there are vegetarian mosquitoes out there, but in 2/3 killings last night, the red blood on the curtains proved their guilt.

It is the mosquito’s nature to be vampiristic. Do I feel compelled to eliminate all of them? No. Just the ones who bleed me to fuel their genetic continuance. Egalitarian that I am, I feel similarly about the government, or any vibe sucker in my vibespace. I figure there are dimensions where mosquitoes and their food supply are happy in their co-dependency, but that dimension is not one I choose to inhabit.

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