On Honesty

The thieves who run the country think they are smarter than honest people.  They presume only stupid people are honest, and this is what galls me the most.  They may be clever, but they are not smart.

Honesyt is the smartest approach of all, because when everyone else abandons you, you can still trust yourself.  your are not looking over your shoulder, fearing those you have wronged, and if you are smart, you won’t look over your shoulder brooding about other’s injustices toward you, either.  In both instances, you are bound to the past in a life-restricting way.

3 thoughts on “On Honesty

  1. tomrains

    I’ve noticed this and have been thinking about it the past few days. People who lie habitually seem to think they are so intelligent, but in reality they are just selling away their integrity bit by bit. I don’t lie habitually, and you’re right, when I’m alone I can live with myself. Maybe people who lie all the time get used to it? Either way, I can’t stand it. Dishonesty is infuriating!!


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