Demand Side Economics

If you have something I want, I’m happy to pay for it.  This is called “Demand Side Economics,” a new concept, in which the customer is right.

If Supply Side Economics could supply Demand Side Economics with what it demands, all our problems would vanish.

Unfortunately, Supply Side’s shareholders, shipping contracts, plastics and packaging contracts, and of course government contracts, prefer supplying cheap plastic junk made by slave labor in China to US markets that are glutted with poorly designed, overbuilt, patented gadgets that don’t work right.  Americans are increasingly homeless, obese, stuffed to overflowing, and looking for places to dump, but the landfills are full.

Enter Demand Side Economics.  Save coins and grow food.  Economics is economy, or thrift, a word that has fallen into disrepute among the Supply Siders who don’t care what people want or need, only what they have machines and contracts to manufacture, package, advertise, ship, and distribute.  But for one thing.  All the investment goes up in overhead, and product quality plummets while costs rise.

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