Ain’t “ilk” a great word?  Like “ick,” as in “sticky-icky,” like tar, tar paper, tar baby, tarred and feathered.  There’s your Ku Klux Klanner in broad daylight.  No respect for anyone outside the ilk.

But the KKK has no monopoly on intolerance.  We have the Jews, Muslims, Christians, blacks, whites, vets, conscientious objectors, women, men, minorities, majorities, poor, wealthy, and just about everyone else competing for “Most Intolerant,” which is interpreted as “Most Loyal to the Ilk.”

“Divide and conquer” goes the old battle strategy, but the next question is “What do you do with the plunder?  How do you manage the conquered?  Is there anything worth salvaging when we’ve turned on and destroyed each other and the assets everyone wanted?”

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