Cosmic Damage Control

What can you expect from men who think nooses around their necks are fashionable?  All I need do is yank their neckties to cut off their air supply, and poof!  There go the hot air, empty promises, and electronic money.

Well, ya gotta love em.  They’re too goofy to be taken seriously.  I figure I’m here for Cosmic Damage Control, the Homeland Security Department of the Universe.

“Yes, they’re still fighting over whose god is the real one, but they are removing the most violent ones from the gene pool, and they haven’t killed the rest of us, yet.

“Yes, they’re still trampling the planet with giant machines, bombs, and infrastructure, but their foundations are crumbling.  We hope to get everyone outdoors before the structures collapse.

“If we can get them to quit poisoning the outside, too, we may stand a chance.  However, this is becoming increasingly difficult, as they also want to sterilize the food supply, so the Apocalypse will be total.”

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