Nutrition and Trans fats

A local cardiologist demonizes trans fats but doesn’t like soy because it’s sprayed with pesticide from beginning to end.

Well, when you’re growing it to burn in cars rather than stomachs, it doesn’t matter, does it?  Except you poison the soil so you can’t grow food later, when you realize your mistake.

Government-controlled farming.  Does anyone recognize the stupidity of these policies?

Me, only me, I fear, because everyone else’s life is tied to oil, while mine makes minimum use of it–at least in the American economy.  I’ll bet I spend less on oil intensive practices–including electricity, gasoline, processed and packaged food, all types of packaging, and cheap electronic junk–than most Americans below the poverty line.

Does it make me richer, because I would prefer to buy a hunk of brie than a McDonald’s meal?  No.  It merely makes me smarter, because I get more value for the money.

Think anyone cares to know?  Not my cardiologist friend, who chose to give a donation to the Ronald McDonald House at Memorial Hospital.  Think he makes the connection between McDonald’s use of trans fats and all the other junk it foists off on a gullible public?  Think he feels any social responsibility as a cardiologist to speak up for good nutrition across the board?

Apparently not.  “Sure, I’ll support free advertising and a building on hospital property for a mega-corporation that has done to ruin good nutrition than save children.  What better way to guarantee I’ll have a job as long as I want or need one?”

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