Thoughts on Science

A true scientist is a naturalist, a life scientist, someone who appreciates life as it lives and moves.  By destroying life or restricting movement, scientific imposters create artificial circumstances and avoid investigating life’s purposefulness.

We know now that quantum theory turns the “scientific method” on its ear.  If it works in sub-atomic physics, I works in life, because we are all composed of those electrons they study.

Now, if the experimenter influences outcome by desire or expectation, there is no way the scientific method can be valid.  Experiment design alone can determine outcome, as any drug study shows.

Now, that we’ve established that the “scientific method” is a sacred cow that needs to be broiled and served up as steaks, for the mastication and nourishment of truly progressive science, we introduce the quantum leap from the scientific method, which is the fact that human beings, by the power of their will, have the ability to influence destiny!

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