The Poop

“All the Shit it Fits to Print”

 First Edition, December, 2008 (Updated November, 2014)

Scentific, Insectuous, eggs-rated View on Humanland
A holy owned subsidiary of the Church of the Holier than Thou, Incorporated
A for-profit religion where nothing is sacred, and human sacrifice is obligatory

Produced by the Hot Chicks and Warm Cocks of the Poopalot Farms Fertilizer Factory
Chicken Cooperative (Chicken Coop)
Translations by Kaka Big Chicken


Blessed by Saint Roscoe Rooster*
President, Chair, and CEO
Church of the Holier than Thou, Incorporated

St. Roscoe’s Eternal message: Cock-a-Doodle-Doo!
Translation: “I decide what God wants me to do. You are on your own.” 

*St. Roscoe Rooster: b. 2/7/09 – d. 12/25/09 May we rest in peace.

Around and around and around we go,
Loop de loop,
Upside, downside, inside, outside,
Left side, right side, wrong side, flip side,
Clockwise, counterclockwise, over here, over there,
This way, that way, forward, backward, behind, underneath,
Black and white, yin and yang,
Ins and outs, pros and cons,
Rainbows, lightning bolts, layers of clouds, all in living color,
Pasta, ribbons, loops, cords, spirals, wires, yarn, vines, lines, thread, plumbing,
Bows, tangles, knots.
Strings that lift you up, trip you up, hook you up, tie you up, net, and ensnare you.

 Welcome to Time and Space,
Otherwise known as Now

KAKA BIG CHICKEN * independent country of one *
$ world’s only free market capitalist $
Katharine C. Otto, MD, President, Chair, and CEO, Psychiatrists for Sanity
“The whole world is crazy, so if you’re crazy, you’re normal”

Funned by free time, the Quit for America Campaign and String Theory Designs

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