War Toys


“US Allies”–The governments we are selling arms to today.
“US Enemies”– The governments we sold arms to yesterday.

The Wall Street Journal reported July 30 that the Pentagon has approved sale of 5000 Lockheed Hellfire missiles to Iraq. The move awaits Congress’ approval.

Because of Pentagon budget cuts, poor Lockheed and other war contractors (like Boeing and Montsanto) have been forced to look at “export markets” for their war toys.

Bottom line is the worst earth rapists also pay the highest dividends on Wall Street. It seems the socially conscious would choose to abandon Wall Street rather than occupy it.

2 thoughts on “War Toys

  1. synapticrevolt

    “abandon Wall Street rather than occupy it.”
    That’s excellent. A ‘free market’ is supposed to be the most democratic of institutions. What would happen if we all started voting against JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc etc, and abandoned Wall Street en masse? Probably some momentary chaos, but any chaos is better than the current order.

    1. katharineotto Post author

      The federal government and Wall Street are co-dependent on each other. Consider all the retirement portfolios invested there (government employees, Congress, regular folks). The retired Boomers are already abandoning Wall Street, because they can’t make ends meet, and the younger folks are dropping out, or certainly not investing as much as their parents did. It helps to remember that the entire world is funded by debt (government, corporate, etc.), so the “economy” starts and the bottom line and goes down from there. The Federal Reserve Act essentially put the federal government in the debt creation business, and the income tax was passed the same year (1913) to provide a steady stream of revenue to pay interest on the debt (The first JP Morgan maneuvered both). The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin is an awesome read and explains the whole thing.

      We are getting a worldwide lesson in economics. The Ponzi dollar needs to keep inflating to avoid collapsing, but they are having trouble inflating it. Individuals are getting out of debt (through foreclosures, bankruptcies, inability to obtain credit), and cutting spending. The federal government is desperate to create inflation through wars, the Keystone pipeline, raising the minimum wage, Obamacare, but none of it is working.


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