Pictured below is $20 in pennies, worth more in metal value than the debt-backed $20 bill.

Our economy is upside down.  The way the Federal Reserve System works starts at the bottom line and goes down from there.  The Fed creates money out of thin air to pay for debt assumed by Congress for wars, contracts, and other appropriations.  This is currency backed only by the government’s promise to pay.  It puts Congress in the debt-creation business.  This is why the national debt is out of control and only getting worse.  The income tax (never ratified) guarantees a perpetual income stream to pay interest to the Fed on its Ponzi dollars.

When you borrow so much against the future, the future begins to look pretty grim.  This is why the world economy is collapsing.  The Euro is on the brink of failure, and other fiat money (created by all the central banks) will follow.  The best hope for the individual is to get out of debt with inflated dollars, buy less, spend less, waste less, pay less in taxes, and grow food.


Twenty dollars in pennies

Twenty dollars in pennies

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